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How About a Little History?

Zombies and Pus-filled Death

It’s 1355, and the Black Death is finally over. The disease ravaged Europe, and reduced its population by two-thirds. Things are finally settling down, but the zombies that have risen from any bodies that weren’t burned still are a serious problem. Northern Europe is mostly free of zombies, due to the cold, but the rest of the continent isn’t so lucky: the British Isles have been almost completely ravaged, leaving pockets of Normans, and forcing most of the survivors to the mainland.


The bulk of the campaign will take place in Vienna, one of the safer cities in Europe. The Order of Holy Flame has organized zombie hunts in order to keep the city and the surrounding countryside. Because of this, Vienna has not been attacked by zombies in a year.

Magic and Monsters

Despite what you may have heard about this period in history, the superstitions of the unwashed masses are founded mostly in truth. Vampires, Faeries, and Magic are all real, and are entrenched in the social consciousness.

Main Page

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