The Black Death

Session 2:
Grasping at threads

The party emerges from the sewers to meet Dmitri, a cavalier of one of the noble houses. They realize that they had left Jacques alone in the fight, but luckily Dmitri had tended to his wounds.

The new party leaves the warehouse and are approached by Father Alexander on their way out. He looks terrified, and explains to them that the Cathedral has been attacked, and that he was sent to get help. They follow him back, and find that the chapel has been breached. One of the double-doors has been ripped clear from its hinges, and the smell of blood fills the air, even outside.

Proceeding in, they find that the other priest, Father Patrik has been killed, and is laying on the alter, his chest open, and a black pulsing mass sits where his heart should be. Father Alexander falls to the ground in prayer.

After investigating the scene, the party moves to leave, but the blood-filled holy font starts boiling, and vaporized blood rises from it in a sinister looking cloud. The deadly cloud coalesces around the cleric, and small bleeding wounds appear all over his body. There is little the party can do, except fight for their lives. A long battle commences, and by the end, everyone is bloody, the cleric’s resources are mostly tapped, and he’s somewhat traumatized by the experience of having his blood mingle with the spirit’s. Dmitri offers to let the group rest at his family’s manor.

The next day they investigate the alchemy shop that Father Patrik visited the day before. When they arrive, it is burned to the ground, and they find several clues within that point to a cult connection.

The proceed to follow the instructions on the cultist missive they recovered in the sewers, and are led to a small chapel on Cross Street. Here they meet a young priest named Father Andrew who fits the description offered by the missive. They ask him some questions and believe that he is in danger, so they enlist the help of the Order of the Holy Flame. Before the Order can arrive, several cultists enter the chapel in an attempt to capture Father Andrew, but the party dispatches them quickly. One of them escapes, however, and they catch a glimpse of her entering a house down the street.

The team breaches the house, and fights through several more cultists. These skirmishes again drain the party, and even leave the gypsy blinded. They find a secret room that contains several more clues: a map of the city graveyards, a corpse missing its hands and eyes, and a folder of coded information.

The Order finally arrives, and helps the team to secure the area and protect Father Andrew. After reporting to one of the Knight-Commanders of the Order, the party again retires to Dmitri’s manor.

Session 1:
Into the sewers

After fighting the vampires in the warehouse, a small horde of Zombies burst forth from a back room. The brothers Rostislovich were joined by the wandering bard and gypsy. After dispatching the horde, the team caught a glimpse of a red-robed figured hurrying away, into the back room. They followed, and found themselves descending into the sewers. There they found several cultists, and an odd symbol. It seems that a cult has taken up residence in Vienna, further complicated the party’s various goals.


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