Nikolai Rostilovich

A Russian Orthodox Cleric

HP:32 AC:17
Fort:6 Ref:2 Will:8
Atk:6 Dmg:1d12+4

*Aura of Good
*Domain: Good/Glory

*Selective Channeling
*Turn Undead
*Power Attack



A devout cleric of the Russian Orthodox persuasion; he and his brother Rurik have traveled from the depths of the Motherland in search of a powerful vampire who struck out across western Europe.
The brothers themselves originate from House Rostislovich, a powerful and major source of nobility and influence within Russian aristocracy. However, their birth to privilege never quenched their zeal for the church, even if such zeal manifested itself differently within the brothers themselves.

Personal Drive:
The destruction of the vampire in question, ultimately and absolutely. Anyone or anything that stands in their way is merely an obstacle to be overcome.

Physical Description:
An iron circlet accented with miniature nails rests on his shaven head while a thick, heavy, fur-lined leather trenchcoat hangs from his shoulders. Religious articles and various monster-hunting paraphernalia jangle softly against his breastplate every time he moves. Across his shoulder he bears a heavy wooden war maul holding to the old traditions against drawing blood.

Nikolai Rostilovich

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